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Grow nutritious meals with the help of biology!

Old Truck Organics delivers the biology to help you grow healthy more nutritious meals from your own garden.

A healthy soil contains big populations of beneficial microbes that help feed, defend and increase the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables. In most cases, the one microbe that connects all microbes and delivers the benefits to plants is missing. That microbe is mycorrhizae, a fungus that connects with plants roots, releasing nutrients supplied from other microbes directly to the interior of the host plant feeder roots. After delivering nutrients to the plant, mycorrhizae accepts carbohydrates from the plant to the billions of tiny bacteria and fungi that make-up the beneficial workforce, capable of making plants grow faster, healthier and produce more nutritious food.

How does it work?

Chemical fertilizers and all organic fertilizers without a biological component only provide a partial supply of the 14 necessary nutrients found in the soil such as Phosphorus, Nitrogen, Calcium, etc. Without a biological workforce to convert many nutrients, including a large list of secondary nutrients such as Iron, Copper,Manganese, Calcium and Sulfur, those compounds that make up a plant's natural defense system, increase the vitamin and mineral content of food and even affect taste are not available.

When MYKOS (RTI’s registered trade name for its organically certified mycorrhizal inoculant) is added to organic fertilizer and mixed into the soil, the biological makeover of your garden begins. Healthier plants , bumper crops and more nutrition from your plants are just a part of your backyard or patio

Only Old Truck with MYKOS can deliver big biology!

While many organic fertilizers and potting soils claim to contain mycorrhizal inoculum, the amount, if any that are actually present are not sufficient to impact plant performance. Some products claim less than one spore per gram. Each 2.2 pound bag of Old Truck Organics with MYKOS contains “300,000” propagules (propagules are a measurement of mycorrhizal fungi that comprise the inoculation potential of a product.

Big Results

Old Truck Organics contains a super big component, MYKOS, in fact 25% of the blend is biological and this difference can deliver BIG DIVIDENDS. In fact every consecutive world record giant pumpkin since 2006 has been grown with MYKOS.


More Vitamins in Lettuce:

More Anti-Oxidants such as “Lycopene” in tomatoes

More Medicine in Medicinal Plants

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