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Image by Markus Spiske
Container Gardening

Growing in containers does not mean small yields! All you need is a little help from soil biology and a well-balanced diet of organic fertilizer. 


What is a container garden?

A container garden is any plant that you are growing in a container! You can essentially grow a garden anywhere as long as you provide your plants with food, water, and light. From houseplants to tomatoes and trees, there is no limit of what you can grow in a container! 


Choosing the right products for your container garden. 

There are many different types of growing containers that hold potting soil and provide a living environment for plants and biology. All containers are not created equal! As you will find in your local garden supply store, you have the option of buying plastic, terracotta, clay, wood, fabric pots, and many other options. Most containers are designed for either aesthetic looks, convenience, or performance. With whatever container you choose, it is easy to create ideal growing conditions for any type of plant. 


Fabric containers are great for soil aeration, drainage, and help promote more secondary root growth. Old Truck Organics happily supports the use of Smart Pots Original Fabric Containers as they use non-toxic fabric made here in the USA. 


Choosing the right soil for your container garden is just as important as the container you use! Buy an organic potting soil with plenty of perlite stones for optimal drainage and aeration. This will help protect your plants from sitting in moisture that can lead to root rot and other harmful diseases that could be detrimental to plant health.


Working in containers allows a gardener to amend the necessary nutrients and biologicals more efficiently throughout the soil. Plants are able to grow and work along with soil biology to produce a "living network" that can help access more pockets of nutrients and water. Old Truck Organics granular organic fertilizers are rich in nutrients, containing no cheap manures, and loaded with significant amounts of MYKOS mycorrhizae for better plant nutrient and moisture uptake.


We made growing in containers even easier with our Myko Start Pak! The unique teabag technology keeps all the organic nutrients and biology intact until the plant reaches for it. No need to worry about all your premium nutrients being washed away during irrigation! Each individual 15 gram Myko Start Pak feeds up to four weeks of vigorous plant growth! Place the entire pack in your soil. You can also stagger a couple of Myko Start Paks throughout the container to assure your plants have a teabag of food waiting for it at every growth stage. 


So you picked your container, it is full of organic soil and has been amended with organic fertilizer, you are ready to plant! Whether you grow from seeds or buy plant starts, you have created an ideal growing condition to sufficiently promote vigorous plant growth! Water thoroughly as needed, usually you want to let the top few inches of soil dry out between waterings but never completely throughout. Don't forget to feed your plants accordingly! 


Happy gardening!




One of these pots was treated with Myko
One of these cilantros got a Myko start
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After prepping our raised beds, we trans
Myko Start Paks
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