I sincerely appreciated speaking with you and describing the results I have received from Old Truck Organics Fruit, Citrus & Vine (FC&V).  I have used many different brands and formulas of fertilizers, but I have never seen, or received such incredible results like I have with FC&V!!!  I am enclosing before & after pictures to show you what Mykos Mycorrhizae has done for our grapes.  The results are incredible for two reasons.  The first is: I applied this only two weeks ago.  The second is: the soil here is sand. (The reason why this is so important is the lack of existing nutrients and inability to retain moisture). Even though this was virgin sandy soil when we started, we have amended the soil for three years, we have never been blessed with these results.  The only difference is we used FC&V!  I am amazed at the vigor and health of the grapes after ONE application, I can't wait to see the results at the end of this growing season!  The ONLY reason I picked up your product is because of the organic seals and the 100% natural and organic contents.  Thank you for making such an incredible product available to home gardeners!  I do sincerely hope that more suppliers in the Eastern part of the U.S. will carry your entire product lines.

Thank you again, Patti. - Fountain, Florida

After OTO Fruit, Citrus & Vine
Myko Start Paks
Myko Start Paks
Myko Start Paks
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