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Image by Markus Spiske
Our Story

Old Truck Organics is a division of the very reputable Reforestation Technologies International (RTI). RTI is best known as the United States’ oldest-running and most renowned producer of mycorrhizal inoculum, providing the world with high-quality biological inoculant. RTI products have successfully helped plant over 750 million trees in 9 countries. Also restoring some of the poorest habitats known to man (strip mines, nuclear test sites, deserts, and barren wastelands) around the globe into lush, thriving ecosystems capable of not only sustaining life but producing bountiful harvests. 


RTI is also best known as Xtreme Gardening. Our very own Mykos mycorrhizae have been used to grow 10 world record-breaking giant pumpkins, including 2015's giant pumpkin record-setting 2,230.5 lb!


With our experience in soil biology, Old Truck Organics was designed for all gardeners who want higher yields and better-tasting fruits, vegetables & herbs. Organic and natural gardening would not be possible without beneficial microbes. We provide the biologicals and supplement it with organic nutrients to make sure you get more from your garden while using less fertilizer.


Old Truck Organics brings a unique, no-nonsense approach to organic gardening. Many other companies offer fertilizers with a pinch of soil biology, we start with 25% MYKOS Mycorrhizae and then add a natural, all organic fertilizer. MYKOS Mycorrhizae grows with your roots and creates a "sponge-like" network that helps gather and hold nutrients and water for your plant. These microbes have been living in the soil for millions of years but have only recently been made available to the home gardener in an easy, effective application. MYKOS, Kelp, and Humic Acid provide more vital biology than any other fertilizer on the market today.


Unlock more nutrients into your soil with microbial compost tea! Our Compost Tea has a unique, two-part system that keeps the product stable until the time of use. The Tea Brew pouch contains the compost material and the microbe food pack provides a food source designed to multiply microbes during the brewing process. Our special blend of organic matter has been shown to break down nutrients and make them available to your plants as well as increase the microbial population in the rhizosphere. 


See results in your garden you never even imagined before - stronger, vigorous growth and earlier crops with more nutrients than conventional methods!


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