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Biological Standards

Organic gardening focuses on preserving the microorganisms in an ecosystem with organic inputs, instead of using harmful chemicals and fertilizers. At Old Truck Organics (OTO), we are dedicated to providing all natural and organic mycorrhizal inoculant and plant food, but focusing on the biology organic gardening needs for a living soil. In the past, organic simply meant plant or animal by-product but not anymore! Today, the USDA Natural Organic Program publishes hundreds of pages with standards for organic products. Here at OTO, we work hard every day not only to meet those standards but to exceed the minimum expectations.

What is biological farming?

Biological farming puts emphasis on attaining naturally productive soils that display high levels of biological activity. Maximizing the activity of microorganisms throughout the soil can increase nutrition and structure for better plant production. Biological farming understands the necessity for a balanced relationship between three aspects of the soil: physical, chemical and biological to sustain life. How we manage the soil and microbial life determines not only the health and vitality of the food, but the health of the society in which we live.

What do microbes do?

In short, microbes are primarily in charge of food preparation for the plant. Beneficial microbes can also help defend the plant against pathogenic microbes. Microbes are tiny living organisms that includes bacteria and some fungi like mycorrhizae. Soils are greatly improved by mycorrhizae, sending millions of tiny root-threads far out from the plant roots. This sponge-like network stores and makes plant food available, has a greater water holding capacity and enhances vigorous root growth.

Why OTO?

Some fertilizers add mycorrhizae in trace amounts containing less than 100 active propagules in a four lbs. bag. Each 2.2 lbs. bag of Old Truck Organics All Purpose, Tomato and Vegetable, Rose and Flower and Fruit, Citrus and Vine has at least 85,000 propagules of Mykos mycorrhizae ready to spring into action as soon as they come in contact with the roots of your plants.

Biological farming is very different from the chemical alternative. Plant and animal based inputs are a natural source of nutrients which are needed for plant growth. The nutrients present in organic compounds are broken down into plant available food by beneficial microbes, mainly dominated by mycorrhizal fungi. Growing organically allows farming and gardening to happen as nature intended, releasing the full potential of biology into your gardens fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs and more. Our Mykos forms a symbiotic relationship with over 90% of plants.

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